Yvette is the third Hero rescued in Castleville Legends. You may reach her plot of land and rescue her beginning at Level 9. She is what I consider to be one of the "more magical" heroes, in that Places of Legend have a tendency to drop more unusual and rare items when she is sent to explore them (for example, opals).

In addition to finding more opals while adventuring, her house also creates Opals, so overall, Yvette is a very valuable asset to have on your team of heroes. Thus it's nice that you get her relatively early in the game, during the Well, I'm Wishing quest.

Speaking of quests, below is a list of all of the quests that Yvette issues. If you'd like to see a list of all the quests issued by all characters, please visit the CastleVille Legends Quests page of the wiki.

Feeling Crystallized
Sparklies for Dragon
Waking Violetta
Finding Mackelroy
Calling for Callie
Looking for Lionel
A Bit Too Sweet
Gift Exchange
A Tart Rejoinder
A Faux Pas
A Consolation Present
ThunderHoof the Unicorn Quest

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