Yvette's House

Yvette's house is a very crucial building, as it is the only one which reliably produces opals. Opals can be found via other methods, but like clockwork, Yvette's house will crank them out without fail, as long as you supply the required royal coin on a timely basis.

First available at level:

Cost to claim parcel of land:
2,000 Royal Coin

Building Produces:

Quantity Produced:
2 at a time

Input Required:
12 royal coin

Time Required for Production:
4 hours

Once you have an Yvette's House, all sorts of earning opportunities open up for you. While the game's quests and challenges will force you to use some of the opals produced to complete them, if you continually feed royal coin into your Yvette's House, you'll have plenty of extras to create items to sell to Myra or in the Sea Trading marketplace.

At lower levels, you'll want to stick with creating items which are relatively quick to make, and cost few additional resources beyond the opals themselves. Below is a table showing the best options, in descending order. If you'd like a complete list of the items made with opals, as well as links to their recipes, etc. be sure to check out the Opals page.

ItemMyra PaysMaximum PriceIngredientsTime to Craft
Opal Bracelet1,000 royal coin1,100 royal coin1 Opal10 minutes
Opal-Button Pouch850 royal coin935 royal coin 1 Opal, 4 Wool2 minutes
Opal-Studded Cup810 royal coin891 royal coin1 Opal, 2 Log5 minutes
Opal Dragon Horn Ring700 royal coin805 royal coin1 Opal2 minutes

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