Yule 2014 Seasonal Event

This Event is the introduction of a new Challenge system for Events, including leaderboards, and prizes for top performers. I'll try to cover everything, but if I miss anything, just hit me up on the Facebook page (linked to at the top left of every page in this site). Onward!

What the Heck is Festive Cheer?

One of the first things you'll notice about the new system is the presence of little snowflakes in Santa hats. These are Festive Cheer points, and they're how you move up in rankings. There are several ways to gather Festive Cheer:

  • Completing (and repeating!) quests (see list of quests below)
  • Feeding Kris Kringle's Reindeer
  • Adventuring at the Places of Legend - keep your heroes busy!

The Quests

Unlike all previous quests we've ever had, these quests are repeatable! This is very important for helping us gather Festive Cheer. If you're having trouble with this feature, see my quick tutorial (with pictures!) on How to Repeat a Quest in CastleVille Legends.

Another difference between this and previous events is the Event Center interface, and the arrangement of quests into separate Chapters by week.

Basically, you go to the Event Center to view your quests, though you can also view them in the usual place (your Quest Log). So without further ado, here's a list of the quests that are part of this event, for your use in planning how to tackle them, as well as how to coordinate repeating them as many times as possible!

Chapter 4 (scroll down to see earlier chapters and their discussions)

Once again we have an overarching quest this week, and it seems it will be quite a reach to complete! On the upside, if you do make it, there's a whopping 8 Crowns at the end of this rainbow. :-)
Full of Festive Cheer
Quest Requirements:
Collect 2500 Festive Cheer
Craft 15 Sleigh Fuel (scroll down to Chapter 4 Discussion for all recipes and recommendations)
Craft 40 Applesauce

Quest Rewards:
8 Crowns

It's in the Bag
Quest Requirements:
Gather 10 Magic Snowglobes
Craft Kris' Bottomless Bag
Craft 3 Never Ending Nesting Dolls

Quest Rewards:
180 Festive Cheer

Sleigh Fuel
Quest Requirements:
Craft 6 Bundle of Toys
Craft 4 Sleigh Fuel
Gather 8 Lumps of Coal

Quest Rewards:
200 Festive Cheer

Chapter 4 Discussion
Sleigh Fuel is made from 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies and 2 Egg Nog, and is made in the Trail Kitchen. Egg Nog, in turn, is also made in the Trail Kitchen, and consists of 4 Eggs and 4 Milk, and takes an hour to complete. Chocolate Chip Cookies, also made in the Trail Kitchen, require 5 Oats and 3 Chocolate Chips. Chocolate Chips? Oh, those are found by adventuring in the Gateway of Luck. From what I've seen, every person has the same chance of finding Chocolate Chips, so it doesn't matter whom you send. Just make sure you always send 2 people, because even then you only have a roughly 50% chance of bringing back the chips.

So yeah, those 15 Sleigh Fuels are going to take a while, especially if your Trail Kitchens are still busy making Reindeer Feed!

Looks like the market is about to be flooded with carrots and carrot products, since that's how we gather Magic Snowglobes! I believe these will be another item which you can hang on to and trade back and forth with your Alliance mates, though, if that is your preference (and you have enough storage space - dunno about you, but I'm running out at this point!).

Kris' Bottomless Bag requires that you gather 2 Plain Blankets, 5 Red Paint, and 3 Portal Stones, and requires 2 hours to craft. Red Paint comes from Harvesting Volcanic Peppers. Portal Stones can be found at the Well of Wishes, and from what I've seen, ONLY Kris Kringle can find them.

Never Ending Nesting Dolls consist of 3 Kringle's Tools, 2 Enchanted Branches, and 1 Stardust. Yay for using up some of the Stardust we've been gathering going to the Well of Wishes! The Enchanted Branches, as many in my alliance have discovered, come from harvesting Lemon Trees, and seem to have a fairly high drop rate. However, the high number of Kringle's Tools needed may force some (me at least) to stop repeating the Chapter 3 quests, both of which also require them. That said, even if you're not actively pursuing the quest objectives, you'll need to click the Repeat button on the Kringle's Tools quest, in order to get the Reindeer to continue dropping tools. See this link for more details: https://www.zyngaplayersupport.com/article/castleville-legends/Having-issues-in-Collecting-Event-Items-en_US-1418831265888

The Bundle of Toys...at last, something we DON'T have to keep in our inventory! It's actually kinda cool, because what you'll see when you go into your Toy Workshop, is a list of all the toys you've already made so far. These don't ever show in your inventory, but they show here, so that you can use them to make the Bundles of Toys! You'll need 2 Magic Bells, 2 Toy Tool Sets and 1 set of Neverending Nesting Dolls (and two hours) to make each Bundle of Toys.

Lumps of Coal - if you haven't already been returning with these, you haven't been adventuring in Mount Cinder enough! I've already collected a few, because I'm still adventuring like crazy trying to open up the Phoenix Perch. I'm not sure off the top of my head who has the best shot at bringing this stuff back, but if it's like most other Event items, it'll probably be the same for everyone, so just make sure you send a full load of three people each time.

Chapter 3

Master Toymaker
This appears to be another overarching quest that will take us through Chapters 3 and 4, much as Reindeer Wrangler took us through Chapters 1 and 2.
Quest Requirements:
Craft 20 Magic Bell Sets (scroll down to Chapter 3 Discussion for all recipes and recommendations)
Craft 12 Toy Tool Sets
Craft 9 Never Ending Nesting Dolls

Quest Rewards:
540 XP

Kringle's Tools
Quest Requirements:
Craft 6 Magic Bell Sets
Gather 3 Kringle's Tools
Send Magnus to the Well of Wishes twice

Quest Rewards:
140 Festive Cheer

A Taste for Peppermint
Quest Requirements:
Send Kris and Magnus to the Dragon Ruin twice
Gather 8 Peppermint Sticks (found by harvesting apple trees)
Craft 4 Toy Tool Sets (ingredients in discussion below)

Quest Rewards:
160 Festive Cheer

Chapter 3 Discussion
Thankfully, we finally get a bit of a break with the Chapter 3 quests. Just a bit, though. The Kringle's Tools we have to gather come from feeding the Reindeer, which hopefully you've already been doing right along to gather that Festive Cheer!

Sending Magnus to the Well of Wishes twice, however, probably makes up for the ease of collecting the Tools. And making the Magic Bell Sets requires that we buy and build the new Toy Workshop. Which I have a sneaking suspicion will be useless after this seasonal event is finished. Sigh. At least it's only 24,000 RC, and takes a mere 5 hours to build.

In the Toy Workshop, the recipes so far are as follows:

  • Magic Bell Set: 1 Kringle's Tools (collect when you collect Festive Cheer from your reindeer) and 1 Cowbell (collect when you collect Milk from Cows). 1 hour to craft
  • Toy Tool Set: 2 Kringle's Tools (see above for where to collect) and 1 Helper Tool (Collected from Dragon's Clutch when you send Rafael or Kris). 2 hours to craft

So on the plus side, we're finding uses for some of these items which have been piling up in our inventories. On the down side, we can no longer just keep what we need and pitch the rest - we now have to keep finding this on an ongoing basis if we want to repeat these quests. So far, I have been repeating all the repeatable quests as often as I can (and doing pretty well), but I'm just about at my tipping point. There are getting to be too many to repeat them all, so I'm probably going to drop a few, and keep the ones with the most intersecting elements.

At first glance, the "Taste for Peppermint" quest doesn't look to easily repeatable. But if you consider that The Elf Door quest requires Kris to go to the Dragon Ruin (and doesn't specify who his companion must be), you can probably work in at least one repetition of this quest for every two times you repeat The Elf Door...right? It does make Magnus a pretty busy guy, though, if you're repeating the Kringle's Tools quest, which requires him to hit the Well of Wishes twice.

Chapter 2 (scroll down to see Chapter 1 and its discussion)

Picky Toymakers
Quest Requirements:
Have Rafael gather 5 Foundation Stones (see discussion below)
Craft 1 Elf Work Gloves (see discussion below)
Gather 4 Elf Treats (ditto)

Quest Rewards:
80 Festive Cheer

The Elf Door
Finally, we get this long-awaited quest!
Quest Requirements:
Send Kris to the Dragon Ruin
Gather 4 Little Helpers Hats (see discussion below)
Craft 2 Elf Doors (see discussion below)

Quest Rewards:
100 Festive Cheer

Herding Toymakers
Quest Requirements:
Have Rafael gather 3 Kringle's Helper's Tools from the Dragon Clutch (see discussion below)
Craft 3 Elf Motivators (see discussion below for ingredients)
Gather 4 Elven Toymakers (see discussion below)

Quest Rewards:
120 Festive Cheer

Chapter 2 Discussion
For the Picky Toymaker quest, Rafael is the only one capable of sourcing Foundation Stones, and then only at the Ancient Watchtower. Did I mention he only has about a 22% chance of coming back with a Foundation Stone on each trip? Thankfully this at least has a short adventure time, and he'll likely be bringing back a few Forest Charms to help with Sleigh Bell-making (assuming you're still repeating that quest).

Elf Treats are found by collecting from Wild Beehives, which of course means we're going to end up with lots of leftover Honey, not to mention the now completely unusable Candle Wax. Ugh. At least I already have a guide written up about what to do with your excess Honey!

Then, there's the Elf Work Gloves. The ingredients? Five axes (easy enough) and pair of Silvery Gloves. Yuck! What a waste of Silver Wire.

For the Elf Door quest, we can at least get double credit for sending Kris to the Dragon Ruin, since that's also a requirement of I Believe They Can Fly (see below for discussion). You are still repeating that to max your cheer, right? :-)

The Little Helpers Hats are dropped as an occasional item by Sheep. And the Elf Doors, which are made from Emeralds and Tiny Doors, will likely use up all of your available Emeralds, so here's a guide on the best combo to find Emeralds. The Tiny Doors are supposed to drop when harvesting from lumber camps. So in reality, if we keep sending our heroes to places that use Camping Tents (and making gloves, gloves, gloves to explore Mount Cinder), we just might use up all that wool and wood!

For the Herding Toymakers quest, it looks like the Dragon's Clutch is going to be occupied by Rafael. This sort of puts a dent in our ability to quest there with Kringle for repeating the I Believe They Can Fly quest, so I hope you've already gotten your three repetitions in!

It looks like we're soon going to be seeing the markets flooded with Blueberries and blueberry products, since the Super Sugar Sweets we need for making Elf Motivators don't appear to be an easy drop :-( The Recipe requires two of these Sweets, as well as 4 Logs and 2 Opal Button Pouches, so it will probably pay to make the pouches ahead of time.

Kris, on the other hand, is going to need to be occupied at the Gateway of Luck, which will take time away from his other quests if you're repeating them for points.

In all honesty, I think I'm going to play through this one only once, and then not bother repeating it. Yes, it has a high Festive Cheer reward, but there are others that I can repeat more times, so I think it's a better payoff (and use of the Kris character) to use him for them.

Chapter 1

This first one appears to be an overarching Quest covering more than one week, and not repeatable:
Reindeer Wrangler
Quest Requirements:
Feed the Reindeer 40 times
Complete "I believe they can Fly" thrice
Complete "The Elf Door" 3 times

Quest Rewards:
500 XP

Reindeer Bait
Quest Requirements:
Harvest the Mint Patch 6 times
Craft 4 Reindeer Feed (see discussion below for ingredients)
Send Yvette to the Gateway of Luck

Quest Rewards:
20 Festive Cheer

A Matter of Belief
Quest Requirements:
Feed Kris' Reindeer 8 times
Craft 4 Sleigh Bells (see discussion below for ingredients)
Send Kris & Yvette to the Well of Wishes

Quest Rewards:
40 Festive Cheer

I believe they can fly!
Quest Requirements:
Craft 2 Reindeer Armor (see discussion below for ingredients)
Craft 6 Apple Oatmeal
Send Kris & Yvette to the Dragon Ruins

Quest Rewards:
60 Festive Cheer (I also received 4 hinges as a bonus the first time I completed this)

Chapter 1 Discussion
The Reindeer and Mint Patch may be bought via the Resources (apple icon) tab in the store (wheelbarrow at lower right). Reindeer produce 10 Festive Cheer an hour after they are fed. You feed them Reindeer Feed, which is made by combining 4 Mint Leaves and 5 Oats in the Trail Kitchen, and cooking for 30 minutes. Mint Leaves are harvested 2 at a time, every half hour.

Sleigh Bells are crafted at the Jeweler. They require 2 Cowbells and 2 Forest Charms, and take 4 hours to make. Cowbells are a seasonal item that are dropped occasionally when you collect Milk from your Cows. If you're having trouble collecting enough Milk, make some Cheese or Butter for Myra! I collect enough most of the time to repeat this quest, just by making Cream for my Dragon Heroes. If you need Forest Charms, see my page about the best combo for finding Forest Charms.

Reindeer Armor is by far the toughest thing to make so far. My #1 recommendation (and one I didn't take myself the first time around!) is to start making your Wooden Shields in advance! This goes double if you only have one Woodshop. As for collecting the Festive Chainmail, I actually made a page about that: How to Collect Festive Chainmail. I hope it helps you!

As for repeating these quests, my most practical advice is to always see where you are in all your quests before you do any of the things that apply to multiple quests (i.e. collecting mint making feed, or feeding the Reindeer). This way, you can re-start a quest if another action completed it, before doing the next action & thereby get credit for it.

And of course, don't stop repeating! I know it seems hopeless when there are folks at the top of the leaderboard with 2500+ Festive Cheer before the first week is even over. But this is a month-long challenge, so slow and steady can still win a prize! I've already cracked the top 15, just by repeating these quests while I fulfill Liang's and Glurb's orders. :-)

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