Well, I'm Wishing

Well, I'm Wishing is yet another multi-part quest given to us by the intrepid Rafael. This time he's bent on rescuing the lovely Yvette, although oddly enough not because she's so fetching, but rather because he has a spell for which he needs opals...and as you'll see, Yvette has plenty of opals!

Part 1 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Rescue Yvette
Collect 2 Opals from Yvette's House
Make 1 Opal-Studded Cup

Quest Rewards:
50 XP

Part 2 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Have 1 Blueberry Patch
Gather 6 Oats
Make 2 Oatberry Bars

Quest Rewards:
60 XP

Note about part 3: If you can, time this quest to coincide with part 5 of Yvette's Sparklies for Dragon questline. The two have some very handy overlap!

Part 3 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Expand to the Well of Wishes
Send Rafael to drink from the Well of Wishes
Get 1 batch of Stardust

Quest Rewards:
2 Crowns

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