I am creating this wiki to help myself and others who are playing CastleVille Legends.

Currently, I am one person working alone to write all of the pages (though I've been contacted via email and Facebook by some wonderful readers who are helping me out - special thanks to Erwin N.!), so I expect the going will be slow, and additions will be very scattered. That said, I hope to eventually build it into something large and useful.

You will note that, at least for right now, there are few or no pictures. This is because grabbing screencaps, uploading them, organizing them, etc. is very time consuming. So for now I'm doing this all as text. Maybe someday I'll have time to update with pictures, and maybe not. The upshot of this is that text makes the site much more searchable!

If you've never used a game wiki before, check out my page about how to use this site for suggestions of just a few ways this site can be handy. Personally, I keep it open in one tab, and CastleVille Legends open in another, any time I'm playing. It's just that handy.

If you would like to help with any part of this project, please shoot me a quick email at admin (at symbol) utllc.info before registering. Registrations without an accompanying email will be assumed to be spam registrations, and as such will be ignored. Sorry to do it this way, but I don't have time to play Castleville Legends, build this site, AND police for spam. :-)

That same email is good if you have any questions or suggestions about the site.

Happy kingdom building!


Castleville Legends Wiki