Trail Kitchen

The Trail Kitchen is the second crafting building you buy in Castleville Legends, and will remain an important crafting building throughout your stay in this magical realm.

Available at level:

Purchase cost:
First: 100 royal coin, 30 crowns for the second, 90 crowns thereafter

Time to build after purchase:
5 minutes

Maximum number per kingdom:

Recipes available in this building:
(click on a recipe name to learn its ingredients, crafting time, etc.)

Apple Oatmeal
Golden Apple
Creamy Oatmeal
Backwoods Scramble
Cheese Omelet
Oatberry Bar
Carrot Oat Bar
Carrot Soup
Golden Carrot
Carrot & Blueberry Salad
Squash Soup
Sweetberry Bar
Honey-Glazed Carrots
Sweet & Hot Oat Bar
Trail Blazing Bar
Trail Snack
Carrot Trail Snack
Coconut Apple Crisp
Saffron Carrot Soup

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