The Missing Name Quest

I should start off by saying that this is NOT the proper name of this quest. The problem here is that I totally spaced out on recording quests for a little while (I got so caught up in actually *playing* the game - imagine!), so I don't know what this quest was called, or much else about it either.

All I know for certain is that this quest came immediately after Magnus' Feeling Frosty quest, had only one part (with three requirements), and one of those objectives was to send Magnus to the Yeti Cave. Fortunately, this coincides with the last part of Leif's In Search of the Jade Owl quest, which entails sending Leif into the Yeti Cave as well. So it's easy to knock out requirements for two quests with one trip into the Yeti Cave! Immediately following this quest, Magnus gives you the quest called The Spire's Secret.

If you happen to know the details of this quest, please, please, PLEASE contact me at the email given on the Welcome Page! I really want to make this the most complete CastleVille Legends Wiki on the web!

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