The Lure of Obsidian

After we complete the Hot and Honey quest, Magnus hands us his first two-part quest of the Giovanni series. Thankfully, he seems to have laid off the Brass mania. Alas, he's traded that mania for one about Obsidian - a much harder substance to obtain! If this makes you long for the days of brass mania, fear not, brass will still be needed for these quests.

Once you finish this baby, Magnus will give you another three-part questline, called Braving the Basilisk (not to be confused with Giovanni's one-part quest by the same name).

Part 1 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Get 1 Obsidian Shards
Make 1 set of Obsidian Arrows
Craft 1 Obsidian Bracelet

Quest Rewards:
2 Crowns

Part 2 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Obtain 1 more Obsidian Shard
Gather 5 Wool
Make 2 Obsidian-button Pouch

Quest Rewards:
500 XP

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