The Fabled Phoenix

Once you complete his Dyed in the Wool quest, Magnus gives you another excuse to go forth into Cinder Caldera. This quest will most likely align with Giovanni's Part 2 of A Burning Question, since it generally takes quite some time to gather the Mystical Orbs and Basilisk Tears to begin expanding deep into Cinder Caldera.

Note that this quest shares the Toy Phoenix requirement with the first part of Giovanni's Magic Quill quest, so if you can, be sure to align the two so that you can complete both requirements at the same time!

Once you have complete this quest, Magnus will give you his three-part Blossoms of Fire questline.

Quest Requirements:
Cast 2 Brass Gears
Get 3 Phoenix Feather
Craft 1 Toy Phoenix

Quest Rewards:
2 Crowns

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