Tanya is a pirate girl with a heart of gold, and rescuing her (which is part of the aptly-named Rescue the Pirate Girl quest) opens up all the land in Sunnyside Cove to our explorations. She is also a hero, and bravely faces the dangers of the various Places of Legend to bring back treasures. After all, what pirate doesn't like treasure?!

Tanya's House is yet another treasure trove for us, as it produces Pickaxes, with which we can mine the many boulders in Sunnyside Cove for valuable items like stone, clay and opals.

Last but not least, Tanya is also a giver of quests. Below is a list of the quests Tanya gives us, in order. For a complete list of all the quests given by the characters of CastleVille Legends, please see the Quests page.

Quests given by Tanya:
Preppin' for Booty
Defying the Kraken
Udderly Cute
Charming Tanya
Kraken the Code
Getting Wrecked
A Pirate Queen's Treasure
Tanya's Triumph

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