Strategy Guides

This list will, of necessity, start out small. However, I have big plans for it!

A note about naming: "Strategy Guides" are articles about a specific subject. "Strategy Sections" are sections of pages (usually at or near the bottom) about other topics (places, quests, etc.) which include information useful for planning your strategy in the game.

If you have a suggestion for a strategy guide you'd like to see written, please drop me a line via the email on my Welcome page.

Strategy Guides:
Money Making Strategy - Low Levels

Strategy Sections:
Ancient Watchtower Explorer/Item Guide (bottom of page)
Gateway of Luck Explorer/Item Guide (bottom of page)
Well of Wishes Explorer/Item Guide (bottom of page)
Dragon Ruin Explorer/Item Guide (bottom of page)
Friendship Arena Explorer/Item Guide (bottom of page)
Flower Tower Explorer/Item Guide (bottom of page)

Best Things to Make With...
Best things to make with Opals (bottom of page)
Best things to make with Honey

Best Combination of Explorers For...
Best Combo for Finding Emeralds
Best Combo for Finding Forest Charms
Best Combo for Finding Jade Clovers
Best Combo for finding Mystical Orbs
Best Combo for Finding Stardust

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