Spirit the Unicorn Quest

On September 8, 2014, Spirit the Unicorn Hero was released. Below is the three-part questline to encourage you to invest in this new hero. The fanfare about this new hero was somewhat drowned out by the time-limited nature of the Rafael's Courtship seasonal event. However, it's always great to get a new hero we can send out adventuring! This quest is given to us by Bayoo.

I'm not sure when this quest will be available to new players working their way up the ranks, so for now I'm listing it after the Rescue the Pirate Girl quest. I do know that it did not become available to my Level 23 secondary account on September 8th, so it will probably come to folks somewhere between Level 23 and Level 41. :-)

Anyway, Spirit is a male unicorn, and he costs 20 white pearls, 2 black pearls, and 3 gold pearls to buy. His stable takes 8 hours to build, and like Clover and Willow, his stable accepts 8 Oats to produce XP.

Part 1 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Gather 6 Purple Spangle Leaves
Brew 2 Purple Spangle Elixirs
Acquire 5 White Pearls

Quest Rewards:
5,400 XP

Part 2 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Acquire 2 Gold Pearls
Brew 1 Mandrake Carrot Elixir
Build Spirit's Stable

Quest Rewards:
7,100 XP

Part 3 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Send Spirit to the Dragon Ruin
Have Spirit enter the Flower Tower
Send Spirit to the Elemental Nexus

Quest Rewards:
3 Crowns

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