Seeking Clues

As soon as you complete the Retracing Frozen Steps questline, you are given this questline, also by Leif.

When you send Leif to the Frost Owl Spire the first time (presumably as part of Part 2 of this quest), you receive another quest, which you'll be given as soon as you complete this one. The quest is called Remedy for Remembering.

Part 1 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Make 4 Camping Tents
Mine 8 Iron Ore
Expand to the Frost Owl Spire

Quest Rewards:
8,360 XP

Part 2 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Forge 1 Grappling Hook
Send Leif to the Frost Owl Spire
Find 1 Star Sapphire

Quest Rewards:
3,340 XP

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