Royal Vault

The royal vault is the second royal building you receive in the game, immediately after the castle. As with the castle, all you have to do is drag the wand onto the royal vault to rebuild it. Also like the castle, you receive one experience point (XP) for rebuilding it.

The function of the royal vault is to store all of the items you collect in Castleville Legends. Every item you collect or craft must be stored in the vault, and every item takes up the same amount of space, whether it's a tiny blueberry or a large wooden shield. The sole exception is water, which seems to have its own, separate, unlimited storage in the sky.

Because of this peculiarity of the storage system in the game, many players find that storage is a continual challenge. I suppose this is part of the game's design.

The storage capacity of the royal vault starts out at 50 items, and may be increased in 10-item increments. Each time you increase the amount of storage, you must have a certain number of logs, Silver Vault Hinges and/or Golden Vault Padlocks. These are rare items which may only be obtained by adventuring in certain Places of Legend, or by purchasing them in the Sea Trading markets.

The number of hinges and padlocks needed for each increase are listed below:

Increase storage toLogsSilver HingesGolden Padlocks
60 items53N/A
70 items532
80 items542
90 items543
100 items553
110 items554
120 items564
130 items1065
140 items1075
150 items1086
160 items1096
170 items10107
180 items10117
190 items10128
200 items10138
210 items10149
220 items10159
230 items101610
240 items101710
250 items101811

Once you upgrade to 250 items, the requirements change a bit. While you'll still need locks and hinges to upgrade, the wood is swapped out for a combo of Stone and Iron Ore.

Increase storage toStoneIron OreSilver HingesGolden Padlocks
260 items551911
270 items552012
280 items552112
290 items552213
300 items552313
310 items552414
320 items552514
330 items552615
340 items552715
350 items552816

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