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Resources are the different types of plants, mines and animals which produce the basic crafting ingredients needed in CastleVille Legends.

Different resources come available at different levels, and are available for different purchase prices.

Click on the name of a resource below to find out more about it, such as how much it costs to buy, what it produces, and what recipes it is used in.

Carrot Patch
Oat Field
Lumber Yard
Cow Pasture
Chicken Patch
Blueberry Patch
Sheep Pasture
Apple Tree
Wild Beehive
Mint Patch
Squash Patch
Basilisk Lair
Volcanic Pepper Patch
Lemon Tree
Fireblossom Bed
Dragonwing Flower
Wild Roses
Butterfly Bush
Bed of Lavender
Purple Spangle Herb
Enchanted Glen
Turquoise Mine
Goat Pasture
Stone Quarry
Magnetite Mine
Coconut Grove
Iron Mine
Garnet Mine
Ice Bell Flower
Owl's Nest
Ice Pond
Mystic Mushrooms
Rainbow Flower
Mulberry Tree
Crocus Flowers

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