Ready to Rumble

Once you complete A Hot Time, Giovanni will give you another three-part quest.

As far as lining up with other quests, if you can time it so that, for Part 1, you make the Red Hot Bread Twist at the same time as the three you're making for Magnus' Peppers Hot as Lava quest, and save the Sweet and Hot Oatbars until after you get Magnus' Hot and Honey, you can save yourself some resources and work!

For Part 2, we're back to Brass mania again. My best advice is to save one or more of the Lava Hammers and Brass Gears that you made for earlier quests, and trade them back and forth with a friendly alliance member to make this go more quickly. That said, if you've been collecting ingots ever since I first told you to (back when you got Giovanni's House), you'll have plenty of ingots to go blow these without too much hassle.

There doesn't seem to be much crossover from Part 3, excepting that the two Obsidian Shards you must collect could also be applied toward the two (one in each part) needed to complete Magnus' Lure of Obsidian questline. Still, you'll likely be adventuring like mad at Mount Cinder anyway (to get the Mystical Orbs you'll need to expand throughout Cinder Caldera), so you'll likely gather these as a matter of course, regardless of whether you sync them up with Magnus' quest.

Once you complete this questline, you'll be taken to Giovanni's version of Braving the Basilisk (there are two quests having this same name).

Part 1 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Harvest 1 Chili Pepper
Make 3 Sweet and Hot Oatbars
Bake up 1 Red Hot Bread Twist

Quest Rewards:
275 XP

Part 2 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Get 2 more Brass Ingots
Cast 3 new Brass Gears
Make 3 new Lava Hammer

Quest Rewards:
350 XP

Part 3 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Make 5 more Reinforced Gloves
Send Giovanni to the Mount Cinder
Find 2 more Obsidian Shards

Quest Rewards:
400 XP

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