Rare Items

Rare items are items which you must adventure in Places of Legend in order to acquire them. Of course, you can also get them, like any item, via Sea Trading, but where's the fun in that? :-)

Additionally, at least some of these can be earned by fulfilling Glurb's requests, but that is a rather haphazard way of getting them (though he's usually generous in how many he awards at one time).

Below is a list of known rare items. Click on the name of an item to find out where you can adventure to locate it.

Enchanted Amber
Forest Charm
Frozen Rune
Golden Vault Padlock
Jade Clover
Kraken Fang
Mandrake Root
Midas Glove
Mystical Orb
Obsidian Shard
Phoenix Feather
Prismatic Lily
Silver Vault Hinge
Silver Wire
Spellbound Orchid
Spirit Mushroom
Star Sapphire

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