Rafael is the second character we meet in Castleville Legends, and we rescue him as soon as we reach Level 3. Rafael's House is also important, in that it generates axes.

In addition to being a hero whom we can send on adventures in Places of Legend, Rafael also gives us quests that enable us to progress in the game. For more information about Rafael's quests click on a link below, or see the Quests page for a list of quests given by all characters.

Free at Last
Better Late Than Never
All Keyed Up
Well, I'm Wishing
Wooing Yvette
Charms for the Charming
Magnificent Suitor
Going for Baroque
A Wing and a Flower
Clover the Rampant Forest Unicorn

Seasonal Events and Quests (expired)
Rafael's Courtship (Seasonal Event)
The Cat Tree (Seasonal Quest)
Cats in a Tree (Seasonal Quest)

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