Rafael's Courtship Seasonal Event

Rafael's Courtship is a 21-day 28-day (it started out at 21, but was extended near the end of its run) seasonal, time-limited event that began on September 8, 2014. It is probably more popularly known as "The Cat Tree quests," or at least that's how it's being referred to in my alliance. :-) The overarching theme is that Rafael has suddenly realized that rescuing cats is a way to demonstrate his love for Yvette, so he's at it again!

It consists of several quests (which will be linked to below, as I complete them and discover more), a few new items to build (which will also be detailed below), and an overall progress bar that allows us to earn Moonwhisker the Winged Cat as a hero, whose sepcialty is finding Opals. The ingredients for the weekly progress bars will also be listed below.

In addition, Sunclaw (another cat hero; not sure if he has wings or not since I didn't buy him) was also introduced during this event, and has remained in the store to be purchased for 350 crowns. His specialty is apparently finding Golden Carrots.

There is also another limited-time offer of the cat hero Sunclaw. He costs 350 crowns, and brings extra luck at the Gateway of Luck, Friendship Arena, Swamp Totem, Frost Owl Spire, and other Places of Legend. Unfortunately, I do not have the crowns to buy him, so unless some other kind soul who does will fill me in on the info, I won't be able to add him to my many hero tables for the various Places of Legend.

Given by Rafael:
The Cat Tree
Cats in a Tree
A Cottage Full of Cats
The Betrothal Ring

Given by Yvette:
Luring Cats
Yvette's Answer

Seasonal Items:
Catnip - can only be found by Rafael or Sunclaw
Ball of Yarn - ingredients are 4 Wool and 3 Blueberries
Catnip Cream - ingredients are 4 Cream and 1 Catnip
Charmed Mousie - ingredients are 2 Logs, 3 Wool and 1 Forest Charm

Weekly Progress Bar Ingredients:
(This is what you need to collect in order to "Search the Cat Tree" once.)
Week 1:
4 Balls of Yarn (ingredients shown above)
3 Catnip (found by Rafael or Sunclaw at Places of Legend)
3 Egg Bread (click link for ingredient list)

Be aware that searching the Cat Tree does not always yield a cat! I guess this is to make the quests more challenging to complete. While it can yield cats (such as an Orange Tabby or a Brown Tabby), it can also yield treasure. For example, one time it gave me two White Pearls, an Opal Dragon Horn Ring and a pair of Plain Gloves instead of a cat. So plan on searching many times just to find one cat!

Week 2:
4 Catnip Cream (ingredients shown above)
2 Catnip
3 Backwoods Scrambles (click link for ingredient list)

Week 3:
3 Charmed Mousies (ingredients shown above)
2 Catnip
2 Blueberry Tarts

Week 4:
4 Balls of yarn (ingredients shown above)
2 Catnip
3 Backwoods Scrambles

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