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Quests are one of the main things that drive you forward in Castleville Legends. You can access your list of quests at any time by clicking on the book icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

Each quest is given by a specific character. Below is a master list of CastleVille Legends quests, organized by quest giver, in roughly the order they appear. Order of appearance is determined by level and the rate at which you complete previous quests, so there will be some variation for each player.

Click on the name of the quest to be taken to a list of the requirements to fulfill that quest. I have included as many helpful hints as I can muster, such as how to time quests so that they can be completed along with other quests having the same requirements.

Main Questlines (Everyone gets these)
Apple of Her Eye
Straight and Arrow
Selling on the High Seas
Milking It
Skimming the Cream
Oats, Oats, Hearty Oats
Wooden You Know It
Scrambling for Breakfast
Aiding Yvette
An Old Acquaintance
Ye Olde Gadget Shoppe
The Genius of Giovanni
A Brass Fairy
Beauty of Brass
Peppers Hot as Lava
Hot and Honey
The Lure of Obsidian
Braving the Basilisk
Dyed in the Wool
The Fabled Phoenix
Blossoms of Fire
Trail Blazing
Fire in a Bottle
Red Hot Elixir
Obsidian Bracelet (quest)
The Charm of Obsidian
Phoenix Charm (quest)
Creature Charm (quest)
Phoenix Lantern (quest)
Fire & Ice Nectar (quest)
Phoenix Feather Cap (quest)
Feeling Brassy
Rescue Bluebelle!
Perfecting Potions
Making Scents
On the Scent

Widening the Search
Rescue Bayoo!
Listening to the Land
Bayoo's Vision
Cove Crafting
Northward Bound
Cold Cash
Feeling Frosty
Fast-Foot Spells Quest
Cruising the Crystal Realm
The Missing Name Quest (not the real name of the quest - placeholder page!)
The Spire's Secret
Cold Comfort
Making Light
Silk, Spice & Diamonds

Free at Last
Better Late Than Never
All Keyed Up
Well, I'm Wishing
Wooing Yvette
Charms for the Charming
Magnificent Suitor
Going for Baroque
A Wing and a Flower
Clover the Rampant Forest Unicorn

Admirable Alliances

Feeling Crystallized
Sparklies for Dragon
Waking Violetta
Finding Mackelroy
Calling for Callie
Looking for Lionel
A Bit Too Sweet
Gift Exchange
A Tart Rejoinder
A Faux Pas
A Consolation Present
ThunderHoof the Unicorn Quest

Feed the Troll
Glurb's Bride

Giovanni's Workshop Boosts
Braving the Volcano
Stilling the Rumble
Giovanni's Workshop
Tinker Time
A Hot Time
Ready to Rumble
Braving the Basilisk
Toy Time
Red Gears, Blue Gears
Reading the Rumble
A Burning Question
Magic Quill
The Phoenix's Favor
Taming the Volcano
Giovanni's Jam

Got Magic?
Asking the Oracle
The Spell of Revival
Flower Power
Seeds of Rebirth
Willow the Flower Fairy Unicorn

Pearls of Wisdom
Greenleaf the Curious

Rill the Wise Quest
Treasure Hunt

Greenleaf's Big Adventure

Mystic Healing
Seeking the Swamp Mandala
Beautify the Land
Rescue the Pirate Girl
Spirit the Unicorn Quest

A Thrill for Rill

Preppin' for Booty
Defying the Kraken
Udderly Cute
Charming Tanya
Kraken the Code
Getting Wrecked
A Pirate Queen's Treasure
Tanya's Triumph

Retracing Frozen Steps
Seeking Clues
Remedy for Remembering
In Search of the Jade Owl
The Jade Owl Antidote
Gorgeous Garnets

Rafael's Mission
Yvette's Dragon Tale
Bluebelle's Heart
Bayoo Begins

Last of the Crystal Mystics
Ball Gazing
In Search of Sapphire
Ruby Vibrations
Prismatic Perfection
Diamond Harmonics
Looking for Lore

Seasonal Events and their Questlines (most recent first)
(these expire, and only those who are playing when they are active will ever see them)

A Whole New World Event (January 2015)

Yule 2014 Seasonal Event

Rafael's Courtship Seasonal Event

Pym & Ula's Romance Seasonal Event

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