Preppin' for Booty

Preppin' for Booty is a three-part questline given to us as soon as we rescue Tanya (which, as you'll remember, was the sole objective of Bayoo's Rescue the Pirate Girl quest). Being a pirate, Tanya loves booty, so it is she herself who issues this CastleVille Legends quest.

Once we complete this "preppin'," Tanya has us help her venture into the Kraken Cave, with her Defying the Kraken quest.

Part 1 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Make 3 Basic Bandages
Get 1 Spirit Mushroom
Make 1 brand-new Spirit Bandage

Quest Rewards:
1,420 XP

Part 2 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Build 1 Stone Carver workshop
Chop boulders to get 6 Stones
Make 2 Octopus Bowls

Quest Rewards:
7,440 XP

Note: It is likely that this second part of the questline will coincide with the first part of the Beachcombing questline given by Magnus. If they don't do this naturally, however, you may want to force it, because there are so many overlapping elements that will satisfy both quests.

Part 3 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Put 1 Turquoise Mine into operation
Mine 3 Turquoise
Make 2 Turquoise Turtles

Quest Rewards:
7,800 XP

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