Places of Legend

Places of Legend are very special buildings in Castleville Legends, and a driving force behind much that you do. You send your heroes on adventures in the various places of legend, and they return with special, rare items for you to use in your crafting.

In addition, each time you adventure in a place of legend, you will earn XP. Generally speaking, the more heroes you send on an adventure, the more XP you will earn. The number of heroes that can adventure together at the same time will vary, however, so some places of legend are limited to what you can earn with only one adventurer.

Pro-tip: You can try different combinations of heroes on the yellow stepping stones, and watch what happens to the round meters surrounding the different rewards on the right-hand side of the screen. Different heroes have different odds of returning with certain items.

In addition, I have many guides on this site to help you know in advance which characters have which probability of bringing back a given item. Just click on the place names below to see!

Below is a list of the Places of Legend. Click on a name to learn more about it.

Ancient Watchtower
Gateway of Luck
Well of Wishes
Dragon Ruin
Dragon's Clutch
Friendship Arena
Mount Cinder
Phoenix Perch
Fairy Falls
Butterfly Oracle
Flower Tower
Swamp Totem
Elemental Nexus
Kraken Cave
Pirate Wreck
Frost Owl Spire
Yeti Cave
Crystal Henge
Crystal Citadel

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