Opals, while rare in real life, are relatively easy to come by in your kingdom in Castleville Legends. Not only does Yvette's House produce two of them for you every four hours (assuming you keep adding royal coin that often), but you can also find them by adventuring in certain of the Places of Legend. And should you still run short, you can occasionally find them being sold, singly or in bulk, in the Sea Trading marketplace.

For a discussion of the best items to make and sell with opals (suited for lower levels), scroll to the bottom of the Yvette's House page.

Ingredients required:
12 Royal Coin

Crafting time:
4 hours

2 Opals

Maximum sale price in sea trading:
333 RC

Myra's purchase price:
290 royal coin, unknown XP

Recipes using this item:
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Opal-Studded Cup

Opal Bracelet
Golden Opal Necklace
Opal Stardust Ring
Opal Dragon Horn Ring
Amber and Opal Ring
Opal Necklace
Turquoise Opal Ring

Opal Button Pouch

Stone Carver:
Opal Cameo
Sea Gem Cup

Charm Maker:
Seafarers Charm
Feathered Charm

Unicorn Cap

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