On the Scent

As soon as you complete his Making Scents questline, Magnus assigns you this new two-part quest. It is likely that you'll be working Part 1 of this quest around the same time you receive Part 3 of Bluebelle's Asking the Oracle questline. Thus, you may be able to time it such that one trip to the Oracle (including both Magnus and Bluebelle) can knock out quest requirements for both questlines.

Part 1 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Send Magnus to the Butterfly Oracle
Get 1 Enchanted Amber
Make 1 Amber & Opal Ring

Quest Rewards:
1,400 XP

Part 2 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Have 1 Butterfly Bush
Gather 3 Enchanted Nectar
Sell 6 goods to Myra's Potions & Perfumes

Quest Rewards:
1,560 XP

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