Mystical Orb

The Mystical Orb is a rare item which (to the best of my current knowledge) may only be found in Mount Cinder, in the Cinder Caldera section of the map.

The best combination of explorers to find a Mystical Orb is Giovanni plus any two others. This will give you an approximately 25% chance of coming back with an Orb each trip. Yes, they are lousy odds, but I'm sure the game designers did it this way on purpose (to keep folks with lots of gold stashed away from snapping up all the land in one day).

Maximum sale price in sea trading:
6,916 royal coin

Myra's purchase price:
I don't believe Myra purchases these.

Market where Myra purchases them:

How many fit per slot on sea trading ship:

First available at level:

Where to adventure to collect:
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Mount Cinder

Recipes using this item:
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Gadget Shoppe
Ember Cleanser

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