Myra the Merchant

Myra the Merchant is introduced very early in the game. In fact, she's brought in right after you rebuild the Royal Vault and claim the treasure chest outside of it.

Myra will be your main client throughout the game, always ready to offer you not only royal coin, but also experience points (XP) for each item you sell her. While her prices are lower than what you can charge once you are able to participate in Sea Trading, it is often worth it to sell to her instead, simply because of the XP boost she can give you.

Myra has a market in each section of the map. Below is a list of the markets she operates, in the order in which they become available to you. Click on a market to find out a little more information about it.

Myra's Forest Caravan
Myra's Wilderness Faire
Myra's Potions & Perfumes
Myra's Swamp Emporium

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