Mount Cinder

Mount Cinder is the first Place of Legend you will likely open in the Cinder Caldera section of the map. It is located diagonally and to the right behind the original location of Giovanni's House. You'll need 16,000 Royal Coin to claim the parcel of land that contains Mount Cinder.

Available at level:

Supplies needed to explore:
1 Reinforced Glove
1 Honey Bandage

Exploration time:
3 hours

Maximum number of explorers:

XP per explorer, per adventure:

Possible rewards:
(Click on the name of a reward to learn more about it)
Golden Vault Padlock
Silver Vault Hinge
Obsidian Shard
Mystical Orb
Brass Ingot (Giovanni only)
Opal (Yvette only)
Dragonwing Pod (Greenleaf only)
Clay (Bayoo only)
Crystal Sand (Konley only)
Turquoise (DeepMane only)

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