Mandrake Root

Mandrake Roots are found primarily at the Swamp Totem. Naturally, Glurb may offer them, and the Sea Trading Marketplace will occasionally have them, but adventuring is generally the cheapest way of obtaining them. See the Swamp Totem Page for information about the best combination of explorers to use for Mandrake Root.

Maximum sale price in sea trading:
4,180 royal coin

Myra's purchase price:
3,800 RC and 220 XP

Market where Myra purchases them:
Myra's Swamp Emporium

How many fit per slot on sea trading ship:

First available at level:

Where to adventure to collect:
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Swamp Totem

Recipes using this item:
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Mandrake Elixir
Mandrake Saffron Elixir

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