Magnus is the first hero you rescue in Castleville Legends. In fact, rescuing Magnus is the very first thing you do when the game opens. Unlike many other heroes' houses, Magnus' house does not confer any special benefit, so I have not created a separate page for it.

In addition to being a hero capable of going on adventures for you, Magnus also gives you quests to complete. See below for a list of quests given by Magnus, or find a list of quests given by all characters on the Quests page.

Apple of Her Eye
Straight and Arrow
Selling on the High Seas
Milking It
Skimming the Cream
Oats, Oats, Hearty Oats
Wooden You Know It
Scrambling for Breakfast
Aiding Yvette
An Old Acquaintance
Ye Olde Gadget Shoppe
The Genius of Giovanni
A Brass Fairy
Beauty of Brass
Peppers Hot as Lava
Hot and Honey
The Lure of Obsidian
Braving the Basilisk
Dyed in the Wool
The Fabled Phoenix
Blossoms of Fire
Trail Blazing
Fire in a Bottle
Red Hot Elixir
Obsidian Bracelet (quest)
The Charm of Obsidian
Phoenix Charm (quest)
Creature Charm (quest)
Phoenix Lantern (quest)
Fire & Ice Nectar (quest)
Phoenix Feather Cap (quest)
Feeling Brassy
Rescue Bluebelle!
Perfecting Potions
Making Scents

Widening the Search
Rescue Bayoo!
Listening to the Land
Bayoo's Vision
Cove Crafting
Northward Bound
Cold Cash
Feeling Frosty
Fast-Foot Spells Quest
Cruising the Crystal Realm
The Missing Name Quest (not the real name of the quest - placeholder page!)
The Spire's Secret
Cold Comfort
Making Light
Silk, Spice & Diamonds

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