Lemon Tree

Lemons are a key ingredient in several fairly expensive items in CastleVille Legends. Ironically, the highest-level thing you can make with lemons, the Lemon Saffron Drink, is also one of the more poorly paid. Stick with Lemon Popsicles and Magical Fizzy Lemonades to max your moneymaking. Before those are available, Lemon Tarts are also popular because of their fast crafting time, and relative ease of selling in the Sea Trading Market.

To find out more about Lemons specifically, such as their pricing and ALL the recipes in which they're used, check out the page about Lemons.

Ingredients required:
1 water

Crafting time:
10 hours

3 Lemons

Available to buy at level:

Purchase cost:
First: 5,000 royal coin, 30 crowns thereafter

Time to build after purchase:
8 hours

Maximum number per kingdom:

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