Leif is a denizen of the realm known as the Pinnacles of Ice. When you first free him, which you can do at Level 37, he does not remember who he is. Many of the quests he gives you are designed to help him discover his identity and backstory, which you eventually learn all about when Lorelei gives you the quest series designed to walk you through building his stained glass window in the Hall of Heroes.

Leif's House produces Ice Picks, which will be important when exploring the Places of Legend in the Pinnacles of Ice. Go to the Leif's House page to read all about that Building.

As mentioned, Leif also gives us many quests. Below is a list of all the quests he gives, in order. If you'd like to see a list of quests given by all characters, please visit the main Quests page.

Retracing Frozen Steps
Seeking Clues
Remedy for Remembering
In Search of the Jade Owl
The Jade Owl Antidote
Gorgeous Garnets

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