The jeweler enables you to make all sorts of pretty and sparkly things, using the treasures your heroes find in their adventures to Places of Legend.

Available at level:

Purchase cost:
First: 1,000 royal coin, 30 crowns thereafter

Time to build once purchased:
1 hour

Maximum number per kingdom:

Recipes available in this building:
(click on a recipe name to learn its ingredients, crafting time, etc.)

Enchanted Shield
Opal Bracelet
Golden Opal Necklace
Opal Stardust Ring
Golden Forest Charm Necklace
Opal Dragon Horn Ring
Jade Clover Necklace
Dragonscale Necklace
Emerald and Amber Ring
Amber and Opal Ring
Opal Necklace
Turquoise Opal Ring
Garnet Bracelet
Garnet Opal Ring
Precious Bracelet
Crystal Unicorn Necklace
Golden Treasure Bracelet
Royal Bracelet

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