Jade Clover

Jade Clovers are used in jewelry making potion making, and also by themselves as tradeable trinkets. Myra and Liang will ask for them and products crafted with them with some regularity. As with other rare items, they're most often found by adventuring in various Places of Legend, though some heroes will have a greater chance of finding them than others, depending on the location.

If you need a lot of Jade Clovers for whatever reason, check out my page of analysis for the Best Combo for Finding Jade Clovers!

Maximum sale price in sea trading:
319 royal coin

Myra's purchase price:
290 royal coin, 60 XP

Market where Myra purchases them:
Myra's Forest Caravan

How many fit per slot on sea trading ship:

First available at level:

Where to adventure to collect:
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Gateway of Luck
Dragon's Clutch
Butterfly Oracle
Flower Tower

Recipes using this item:
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Jade Clover Necklace

Lucky Clover Potion

Charm Maker:
Lucky Turtle Charm
Unicorn Charm

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