How to Use this Site

While I suppose there are as many ways to use this site as there are people using it, here are some of the features I have built into it, and the way I designed them to be used.

Search: Castleville Legends is a HUGE game, and has an amazing number of people, places, and items. For this reason, the left menu has quickly become large and unwieldy. While I have included it for the sake of thoroughness, you will likely find it much faster to use the search box at the top left to locate the item you're looking for.

Ship Slots: You will find that every item page has a list of attributes on it. One of the most useful (and painstakingly compiled) is the number of that item which will fit in a single slot on a sea trading ship. How many times have you wanted to ship X number of an item to someone in your alliance, but then been unable to because they won't all fit? Well no longer will you face that problem. Simply pull up the item's page, and scan down to see what the max number per slot is. No more frustrated allies!

Busy buildings: If you only have one of a type of building (which is going to be pretty common in the lower levels of the game, unless you've bought a lot of crowns), you know that you can't view the ingredient lists for various recipes when that building is busy crafting something else. Just search up the recipe for what you need on this site, so that you can be busy prepping the ingredients while you wait for your building to finish crafting!

Strategy Guides: While the selection is currently quite limited, I intend to grow the guides to various strategies at various levels over time. Guides for making money, leveling up faster, and more are planned. In addition, on many pages not specifically labeled strategy, you will find things to help you plan and make the most of your game. For example, each of the Places of Legend has a handy table to help you determine which characters have the best chances of bringing back which items.

Quests: Sometimes it's very useful to know what's coming up in your quests, or to know which quests have requirements that can be simultaneously filled. Simply go to the wiki page for the quest you're on, where you'll always find a link to the next quest so you can look ahead. Or use the search box at the top left and search for "quest (item name)" - without the quotes and parentheses, of course - to see if there are other quests you could be satisfying at the same time. Of course, these aren't the only two uses for the quest list, but they're the ones I use most often.

These are just a few of the handy uses for the site. If you use it in another way that you think should be added to this list, feel free to drop me a line at the email found on the Welcome page.

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