Got Magic

Got Magic? is a two-part quest given to us by Bluebelle, as soon as we rescue her from her crystal prison (which happens as the objective of the Rescue Bluebelle! quest, given to us by Magnus. You will likely already have a bed of Dragonwing Flowers thanks to the A Wing and a Flower quest from Rafael, but if you don't yet, now is a great time to kill two quest objectives with one purchase!

This quest is immediately followed by Bluebelle's Asking the Oracle quest.

Part 1 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Have 1 bed of Dragonwing Flowers
Harvest 6 new Dragonwing Pods
Expand to the Fairy Falls

Quest Rewards:
5,500 XP

Part 2 of 2

Quest Requirements:
Craft 2 Dragonwing Torches
Send Bluebelle to the Fairy Falls
Get 1 batch of Everlasting Bubbles

Quest Rewards:
2 Crowns

Michelle's Note: If you check out my explorer/item strategy guide toward the bottom of the Fairy Falls page, you'll see that Bluebelle's chance of bringing back Everlasting Bubbles if sent on her own is very poor (about 10 percent). In order to improve your chances, make sure to send her with two companions; I'd suggest Yvette and one other person, as at this stage, Yvette has the best percentage of any hero you'll likely have (~25%).

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