Golden Vault Padlock

The Golden Vault Padlock is one of the rarest items in the game - ask anyone! Almost no one ever has enough of these when they need them. They are used solely to upgrade your Royal Vault, and let me give you a piece of advice - if you ever see one of these in the Sea Trading market, BUY IT, no matter the price! I've been playing for 26 levels so far, and have only ever managed to snatch up one padlock.

If you're in a (relative) hurry to gather padlocks, check out my guide to the best ways to collect padlocks.

Maximum sale price in sea trading:
1,050 royal coin

Myra's purchase price:
Myra doesn't purchase these, and you wouldn't want to sell them to her even if she did!

Market where Myra purchases them:

How many fit per slot on sea trading ship:

First available at level:

Where to adventure to collect:
(Click on a place name to see the odds for each character to collect this item there)

Gateway of Luck
Well of Wishes
Dragon Ruin
Dragon's Clutch
Friendship Arena
Fairy Falls
Butterfly Oracle
Flower Tower
Swamp Totem
Elemental Nexus
Pirate Wreck
Kraken Cave
Frost Owl Spire
Yeti Cave
Crystal Henge
Crystal Citadel

Recipes using this item:

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