Glurb the Troll

Glurb the Troll is introduced to us by the Feed the Troll questline. He is not only the subject of that quest, but also the quest giver. He also gives other quests - see the bottom of the page for more information.

Like Myra, Glurb wants us to gather things for him. There are a couple of important differences between Glurb and Myra, however. For starters, Myra usually wants things a few at a time. Glurb prefers to have his items delivered in large quantities, so that he can gobble them down quickly. Functionally speaking, what this means to you is that if you haven't run into issues with your inventory limits before you meet Glurb, you will definitely start once you make his acquaintance.

In addition, while Myra pays in Royal Coin and Experience Points, Glurb pays in XP and what he calls "shinies." Basically, shinies are rare items which you would normally have to adventure for in Places of Legend, but somehow Glurb manages to gather multiples of them just by rooting around under his bridge. Makes me wonder if the troll bridge shouldn't be a place of legend as well...

Quests given by Glurb:
Feed the Troll
Glurb's Bride

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