Giovanni is a Hero in CastleVille Legends. He and his area of the map, called Cinder Caldera, were released on December 6, 2014. Giovanni's House and the whole Cinder Caldera update bring to the game many new items, including Obsidian, a Basilisk Lair, Volcanic Peppers, and many more. He also gives us Giovanni's Contraption, which will enable our Workshops to be twice as efficient (that is, one workshop will produce two items in the time it normally takes to create one).

In addition to all these other exciting developments, Giovanni is also a quest-giver! Below is the list of quests that he gives:

Giovanni's Workshop Boosts
Braving the Volcano
Stilling the Rumble
Giovanni's Workshop
Tinker Time
A Hot Time
Ready to Rumble
Braving the Basilisk
Toy Time
Red Gears, Blue Gears
Reading the Rumble
A Burning Question
Magic Quill
The Phoenix's Favor
Taming the Volcano
Giovanni's Jam

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