Gateway of Luck

The Gateway of Luck is the second of the Places of Legend to which you are instructed to explore. It is our first glimpse at how much longer explorations can take (30 minutes versus the previous 3), as well as how much more rewarding the adventuring can be (it is here we first discover vault hinges and padlocks).

Price to unlock the parcel:
250 Royal coin

Supplies needed to explore:
1 Plain Torch
1 Ladder

Exploration time:
30 minutes

Maximum number of explorers:

XP per explorer, per adventure:

First available at level:

Possible rewards:
(Click on the name of a reward to learn more about it)

Jade Clover
Midas Glove
Silver Vault Hinge
Golden Vault Padlock
Lemon (Bluebelle only)

Explorer/Item Guide

Each place of legend has its own set of rare items available, and each explorer has slightly different odds of finding each item. This can make deciding which explorers to send to which place a bit tricky. For this reason, I've put together handy guide tables for each of the places of legend. Across the top you'll see the names of the explorers, down the side are the rare items available, and in each slot is the explorer's percentage chance of bringing back that item.*

Percentages are additive, so in the case of places that allow two or more explorers, simply add the explorers' percentages to see what the total likelihood of bringing back that item is for those explorers.

Jade Clover101010101010101010
Midas Glove202040203030202020
Lemon 100
Royal coin 100

* Please note that all percentages are approximate. I had to go by the little dials shown in the interface, so I may be off by a few percentage points on any given explorer/item combo. In addition, I am only at Level 27, so there are many heroes and places of legend which are not yet available to me. I will add them as I am able, or if you would like to contribute this data, please contact me at the email address shown on the Welcome page.

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