Finding Mackelroy

Finding Mackelroy is a quest given to us by Yvette, shortly after we finish the Waking Violetta questline. It has three parts, and, as the story goes, we're trying to help Yvette find her beloved pet parrot, Mackelroy.

Part 1 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Have 1 Weaver
Gather 2 Wool
Make 1 Plain Blanket

Quest Rewards:
1,000 XP

Part 2 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Make 1 Camping Tent
Make 2 Ladders
Expand to the Dragon's Clutch

Quest Rewards:
1,800 XP

Part 3 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Gather 10 Blueberries
Make 2 Blueberry Tarts
Search for Mackelroy in the Dragon's Clutch

Quest Rewards:
1 Crown

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