Dyed in the Wool

Once you complete his Braving the Basilisk questline, Magnus hops on the Dyeing bandwagon full steam with this four-part series! If you can time it to coincide with Giovanni's Red Gears, Blue Gears quest you might save a teeny bit of time, but it looks like this is a much more extensive set of requirements, so don't sweat it if you missed the boat on synchronizing them.

After you are finished here, Magnus will give you his next quest, entitled The Fabled Phoenix.

Part 1 of 4

Quest Requirements:
Have 1 Dye Maker
Collect 1 Blueberries
Gather 2 Lemons

Quest Rewards:
3 Crowns

Part 2 of 4

Quest Requirements:
Make 1 Yellow Dye
Make 3 Blue Dye
Weave 2 new Plain Blankets

Quest Rewards:
650 XP

Part 3 of 4

Quest Requirements:
Make 3 Red Dye
Dye 3 Blue Striped Blankets
Dye 3 Purple Striped Blankets

Quest Rewards:
675 XP

Part 4 of 4

Quest Requirements:
Make 4 Green Dye
Dye 4 Green Pouches
Dye 5 Royal Gloves

Quest Rewards:
700 XP

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