Crowns are one of the currencies in Castleville Legends. Unlike royal coin, however, they can be very hard to come by. You get 50 crowns during your first quest, but after that they are much fewer and further between.

That said, there are a few ways to gather crowns in the game. Click on a method below to learn more about it.

Treasure Chests
Ula's Wheel of Wishes

Crowns can be used to purchase many valuable things in the game (and some not-so-valuable things. For example, most Resources and Buildings, once you've purchased your first with Royal Coin, must from then on be purchased with Crowns. There are also Heroes available who may be purchased with Crowns. Below is a list of the permanent, non-seasonal Heroes currently available in the game, and their prices in Crowns.

Sunclaw: 350 Crowns
Ember, a Fire Dragon: 240 Crowns

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