Characters' Homes

Each of the characters you rescue or otherwise acquire in CastleVille Legends has their own home. Note that I specify "characters" rather than "heroes," and "home" rather than "house" This is because some heroes are non-human, and as such don't necessarily have houses (though they do all have a place to stay, even if it's just a little nest).

Most of the houses of these characters not only take up space in your kingdom, but also produce useful items. So far, the only character's house I've encountered which does not produce anything useful is Magnus' house. Click on the name of a character's house below to see what they produce, what recipes they're used in, and other useful information.

Yvette's House
Rafael's House
Giovanni's House
Bluebelle's House
Bayoo's House
Leif's House
Konley's House
Greenleaf's Nest
Scorch's Nest
Rill's Nest
Cloudmist's Nest
Buttercup's Nest
Clover's Stable
Willow's Stable
Thunderhoof's Stable
Spirit's Stable

Homes of seasonal heroes (no longer available):
Iris' Nest

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