Cats in a Tree (Seasonal Quest)

Cats in a Tree is the second quest given to us as part of the seasonal Rafael's Courtship event. It immediately follows The Cat Tree quest, and has three parts. You'll note that I haven't given the seasonal items their own separate pages, but the links below will all take you to the seasonal event page, where they're described in detail, ingredients, etc.

Part 1 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Send Rafael to any Place of Legend
Gather 1 Catnip
Bake 2 Egg Bread

Quest Rewards:
275 XP

Part 2 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Gather 8 Wool
Make 2 Balls of Yarn
Lure an Orange Tabby from the Tree

Quest Rewards:
350 XP

Part 3 of 3

Quest Requirements:
Have 3 Catnip
Pick 6 Blueberries
Find a Brown Tabby in the Cat Tree

Quest Rewards:
2 Crowns

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