Carrot Patch

The Carrot Patch, Carrots, and all of the carrot-containing recipes were introduced during the Spring/Easter 2014 seasonal event, which has come and gone. It looks as though the carrots and many of the carrot-containing recipes, however, are here to stay!

Ingredients required:
1 Water

Crafting time:
5 minutes

5 Carrots

Available at level:

Purchase cost:
First: 1,000 royal coin
Second: 50 Crowns
Third: 150 Crowns

Time to build after purchase:
This was odd; my first one took 2 hours after purchase, but the second one only took 2 minutes! Not sure if the time changed in between, or if this is how it will be for everybody. Whatever the case, plan on some time between 2 minutes and 2 hours, after you purchase your carrot field, for it to be built.

Maximum number per kingdom:

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