Braving the Volcano

Braving the Volcano is the second quest that Giovanni gives us when we first rescue him (the other one that comes at the same time is the one-part Giovanni's Workshop Boosts). Supposedly these are to help him brave the volcano, but when you finally reach the first volcano (Mount Cinder) you'll need a little bit more before you're ready to go in.

One other note: once you get Giovanni's House, you will want to start collecting Brass Ingots from it, and not stop for a long time. You will be needing tons of these things to complete all the Brass-related quests that Giovanni and Magnus will be giving you!

Once you complete this quest, Giovanni gives you another, called Stilling the Rumble.

Quest Requirements:
Make 2 new Plain Gloves
Weave 3 new Plain Bandages
Gather 3 more Honey

Quest Rewards:
2 Crowns

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