Bluebelle's House

Perhaps Bluebelle's Fairy Den would be a better term for this building, but for the sake of keeping things simple, I'll just call it a house. It's a charming little flower-shaped house, and very reminiscent of its owner's name. Most importantly, however, it produces Fairy Vials, which are crucial ingredients for the products of several Workshops.

First available at level:

Cost to claim parcel of land:
9,000 Royal Coin

Building Produces:
Fairy Vials

Quantity Produced:
5 at a time

Input Required:
24 royal coin

Time Required for Production:
4 minutes

Recipes using this item:
(Click on a name to go to the recipe)

Dragonwing Potion
Stardust Potion
Sweet n Sour Potion
True Blue Potion
Iridescent Potion
Lucky Clover Potion
Foxfire Potion
Rainbow Potion

Rose Perfume
Dragonwing Perfume
Jasmine Perfume
Lavender Perfume
Spellbound Perfume

Mineral Elixir
Mandrake Saffron Elixir

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