Best Things to Make with Honey

Have you gotten yourself into a sticky situation with too much Honey? Here's a list of things you can make with all that excess sweet stuff. Also remember to check in with Glurb and Liang (especially Glurb), since they both occasionally demand this stuff in quantity.

Which one will be best for you will depend on the amount of time you have (I like to leave the items with longer crafting times for when I'm sleeping), the number of buildings you have (longer crafting times are more acceptable when you have two or more of a given workshop), and what other resources you can gather. I've listed them in order from lowest level to highest, so that even if you're just starting out in the game, you know your options.

My main piece of advice is to use as many of your Workshops as possible. If you have them all, load up each of them as often as you can, and DEFINITELY leave them working overnight! Of course this assumes a huge glut of Honey, but trust me, when everyone's trying to sell Honey in the market, it's always easier to unload things made with Honey, than straight Honey.

LevelItemWorkshopCrafting Time# of Honey UsedOther IngredientsMax Price
15Sweetberry BarTrail Kitchen2 minutes33 Blueberries, 2 Oats715
15Blueberry Honey JamBakery30 minutes34 Blueberries1,250
15?Honey-glazed CarrotsTrail Kitchen4 hours44 Carrots1,323
16?Sweet and Hot Oat BarsTrail Kitchen12 minutes11 Oat, 1 Chili Pepper164
18Honey BandageWeaver5 minutes21 Plain Bandage350
21Sweet n Sour PotionAlchemist1 minute21 Fairy Vial, 1 Lemon747
???Fiery Hot JamBakery4 hours22 Fiery Pollen, 2 Chili PeppersUnknown
27Mandrake ElixirApothecary4 hours81 Dragonwing Potion, 1 Mandrake Root6,615
33Trail SnackTrail Kitchen15 minutes32 Goat Cheese, 4 Blueberries2,625

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