Best Combo for Finding Golden Vault Padlocks

Storage is a problem for everyone, at least at the early levels of the game, so I thought maybe y'all could use an analysis of the best way to get Golden Vault Padlocks.

The first thing to know about padlocks is, that no character has any better chance than any other character. I've tested 'em all, at all of the Places of Legend, so the most important thing is simply to make sure you send a full load (fill all the available yellow disks) of explorers.

That said, there are a couple of Places that give you a slight edge in gathering padlocks. Below is a table list all the Places of Legend, in order from best to worst, along with the percentage chance you have when you send a full complement of adventurers. Luckily, even relatively low-level players have a good option - the Flower Tower is just as good as the Frost Owl Spire.

Obviously, you will need special items from all of the Places over time, but this list should give you an idea which items pay off better to gather yourself, vs. trying to trade for them or buy them in the market.

Place of Legend % Chance
Flower Tower 20%
Frost Owl Spire 20%
Crystal Citadel 18%
Friendship Arena 16%
Kraken Cave 16%
Yeti Cave 16%
Well of Wishes 14%
Swamp Totem 14%
Elemental Nexus 12%
Dragon Ruin 10%
Dragon's Clutch 8%
Pirate Wreck 8%
Crystal Henge 8%
Fairy Falls 6%
Butterfly Oracle 6%
Gateway of Luck 2%
Ancient Watchtower 0%

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