Best Combo for Finding Forest Charms

Need lots of Forest Charms in a hurry? Lucky for you, these are accessible to even the lowest-level players! Of course, higher level players do have a certain advantage...read on.

Basically, the easiest way to get Forest Charms is, bar none, the Ancient Watchtower. That wonderful 3-minute adventuring time and easy-to-make one-Torch requirement are fantastic, as long as you don't mind doing it over...and over...and over.

Below is a list of the people with the best chances of returning from the Ancient Watchtower with a Forest Charm. Just pick the best one you have in your arsenal, and adventure away!

HeroPercent Chance
Indigo 85%
Yvette 55%
Buttercup 53%
Clover 45%
Rafael 40%
Iris 40%

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